Prompt- What do you see?

After alot of hard work on part of Harry, he finally became an IAS officer. He was so happy and decided to be loyal with his post lifetime. Lisa, a rich business woman visited Harry’s office. She offered a huge sum of money to him. Seeing such big amount, Harry’s eyes were filled by greed and he forgot all his morals. His ethics tried to stop him but he closed his ears as he cannot hear anything , blocked his mouth and couldn’t utter a “no”. The person witnessing this seen reacted as he couldn’t see anything.

I thought of ending it in positive way but did totally opposite because this is the harsh reality. People suffers alot because of bribe and it must be avoided. Life is beyond money just we need to open our eyes. The three person in image (which are totally opposite of Gandhi ji’s moral mokeys),money everywhere and the dark colour led me up to this story. Hope you enjoyed.

This is written in response to WDYS. Isn’t the prompt name and image contradicting ? ( As person has closed his eyes in the prompt)😅

Published by Raksha Mitruka

A student who loves to explore and learn. Chasing dreams. I am interested in art and craft,novel reading,reading and writing.

23 thoughts on “Prompt- What do you see?

  1. Raksha that’s really an amazing post,💕
    And the way you have reversed the role of three monkey’s is irony hitting hard at reality,
    Wonder ful!!!!💐💐👌👌

    Liked by 4 people

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